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​ The Lubavitcher Rebbe, in one of his last discourses, emphatically stated that women should already get together NOW with song, dance, and drum in celebration of the geula.

Faith in the Certainty of Redemption

A summary of a sicha from the Lubavitcher Rebbe:
12:35 The Israelites requested silver and gold utensils and clothing from the Egyptians: By also bringing along timbrels, the women demonstrated more faith and trust in God than did the men. The women of our generation, too, should not hesitate to demonstrate their certainty that the final Redemption is imminent. To be sure, until the moment of redemption arrives, we should all feel the bitterness of the exile and pray fervently to God that He bring it to its end. But at the same time, our unshakable confidence that God will fulfill His promise of redemption should fill us with overflowing joy. Women, on the strength of their innately more deep-seated faith, should already begin celebrating the Redemption—even with music, dance, and drum—and this should inspire the men to follow suit.[1]

[1] Sefer HaSichot 5752, vol. 1, pp. 303-307

Sharing, singing, drumming, healing, playing, dancing together in harmony and unity...  different women from all over Israel, religious and secular, Hebrew and English speaking, young and old getting together with the purpose of celebrating that we are really ONE PEOPLE with ONE HEART and ONE PRAYER.

All the sisters are invited to imagine what she can offer to the "circle"; what is your personal contribution to inspire, instill hope, joy, healing...? if you want to share something in particular, please let me know in the contact page. And also, here in this festive and relaxed atmosphere we can get the healing that we need in order to open our hearts to each other in true Ahavas Yisrael, the main tikkun of our generation.
Our singing, dancing, and joyous celebration IS the avoda- this IS the labor required for "getting ready for Moshiach"- together we're doing it, have to do it. It was Miriam who ensured that Moshe Rebbenu was conceived and cared for. This time, perhaps it's ALL the Jewish women collectively making the kli for Moshiach. Each of us has inherited from Miriam HaNeviah the courage and emunah that YES! redemption is here and WE are realizing it! It takes all of us together- teaching, encouraging, holding, guiding each other to birth this.
The flow of the festival program, with it's jam circles, workshops, and private reflection time is intended as a journey- a facilitated experience designed to "midwife" us into a higher "geula" consciousness and help us stay there. I encourage you to come for the whole time. We need this.
With blessings for our immediate redemption

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