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Festival Schedule


Specialty areas at the festival:
- Food and Drink booth
- Body art and crown creation station
- Healing tent - get a massage or treatment! reflexology, massage, energy healing
- Artists alley- buy something new! (clothes and crafts for sale. If you would like to be a vendor, Contact Us)


11am-1pm  Welcome!
Get Oriented, settle in and take a swim

1:30 Emuna Witt: Sweet Torahs of Geula at the waters edge
2:15 pm  Bring a tambourine to paint or purchase one at the festival (limited  quantities, first come first serve or you can reserve in advance(click here) or paint on paper (all supplies provided)

3:00 pm  Kuku: African Dance with Aviva Gottlieb

4:00 pm Rest time, treat yourself to a massage! Make a crown...  
5:15 pm  Circle Jam: movement / voice / drumming workshop (our "warmup" for the night circle:)) with Aviva Spiegel
have fun learning and practicing the rules and structure of participating in a music/ dance/ drum circle
6:00 pm  Opening Circle

This is important to attend to feel part of the whole. We will introduce ourselves and share our kavanna for the festival and then Jam some more! Bring drums and instruments if you play!
6:30 dinner, mincha, relax time, shower and get dressed for the evening
----NIGHT PROGRAM--------

7:30-8:30 pm The Circle Dance of Now

led by Aviva and supported by professional drummers and musicians, everyone is invited to jump into the circle with her own voice, rhythm, harmony and love so that we can praise HaShem with all our might and being.... This is not a performance; it's an opportunity to join in something bigger than us all. It's a playful, experimental, modern re-enactment of Miriam and the women's circle dance by the sea... 

8:30  Performance art multimedia art and dance by Mayaya: The Sacred Dance of the Hebrew letters

8:45 ZEMA- soulful roots reggae music concert. Songs of Love to Hashem by Zema and friends, our guest musician from Jamaica. listen to one of her songs...

9:00-1:00 DJ LimLim Dance Party

1:00 am "צעקה": A collective birth cry 

let's shout out and show HaShem that we're ready to to celebrate Geula

7:00 am- 10:00 am Rise and Shine! Find your morning groove and start your day.

Yoga and stretching inside the big hall with friends



morning swim 

10:00 am Dance Exploration/Meditation and Art Expression with Aviva Spiegel
11:15 am Essential Oil; Essential Self: with
 Michal Oshman and Chana Frazin

 How essential oils and IFS (Internal Family Systems/ Parts Work) can help you latch into your essential self and connect you to your own Personal Geula. 

12:45 pm "Arise Miriam's Well!"-  A favorite yearly tradition. Group Water Healing Ritual: "Birthing our light bodies" facilitated by Maskit Ben Moshe

1:30 pm  Rest time and time to treat yourself to a massage! Get facepainted or henna. Do some Art- make a crown....

3:30 Torah insights into the power of the month of Sivan with Chana Vered Coren

4:15 Master Energy Healing Class with Yocheved Godsi

5:00 Collective Art Experience with Sheva Chaya

or Hoola Hooping Basics with Yocheved Godsi: decorate your own Hoop & learn technique. *register in advance HERE to reserve a hoop to buy and decorate. Limited hoops available. first come first serve.

6:00 MAIN CIRCLE regroup for more song/dance/drum jam and welcome to the newcomers

7:00 Dinner, get ready for the evening program

8:00 Concert with Chava Rachel Saba
n: Original music and Violin Trance

and Tziona Achisheina: Original Music

9:30 pm-12:30 am  DJ Rivka Adina "The Party Pumper!" Dance Party


7:00 am- 10:00 am Rise and Shine! Find your morning groove and start your day.

Yoga and stretching inside the big hall with Rivka Adina



morning swim 
10:00 am "Shake Your Soul" Tapping into Geula Consciousness through movement: Malka Sima Pais

11:15 "Learning God's Love Language" - Practical Tanya with Nechama Caplan

12:30 pm "Arise Miriam's Well!"-  A favorite yearly tradition. (For those who missed it on Monday) Group Water Healing Ritual: "Birthing our light bodies" 

3 pm "Geula Wives" Torah and practical tools that actually work for being an empowered woman in relationship with Chana Margulies
swim, healing, art, connect, play, shop at the artist booths, body and facepaint

5 pm Closing circle- ✨Wrapping up our take-away treasures✨
​and the "Spontaneous Aleph Bet Collective Tefillah" (our end of the festival tradition) let our voices, joyous cries and tefilas pierce the heavens!
8 pm Shalom and see you next year, BH!

06 - Holy Are You
Hava Rahel - Sing Your Way
Tziona Achisheina-- Ad Kan

This is the schedule from Last Year-
You can get an idea of the Festival Flow

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