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  • What Should I bring?
    Instruments and/or a drum if you have! Money for Food, drinks, a massage and treats (there will be vendors selling clothes, art, essential oils and jewelry). Change of clothes, bathingsuit, and all the basics, padding and bedding for sleeping, sunscreen, bug spray (there was no issue with mosquitos the last 2 years but just in case), journal and pen, yoga mat if you want.....
  • What are the sleeping accommodations?
    Most campers do not bring tents and utilize the indoor pavilion with first come first served mattresses. There is also space to sleep outside under the stars but there is very limited space for small 1-2 person tents ONLY. Please contact Meira with questions: 053-962-4771 The huge inside space will be the place to store your personal belongings. After the day's events, everyone is free to go outside to sleep (there is a large tarp you may sleep under) I suggest bringing a mosquito net. If you would like to sleep in a tzimmer, it is 250nis/night and rented directly through the beach. Tickets can be purchased directly through the website: 50nis to book and 200 in cash at the Beach. If you want fancier accommodations, the Leonardo Hotel is directly across the street from the beach. +972 35 110000
  • What are we doing for food?
    Three meals and shakes are available throughout the day from Emuna's Kosher Kitchen. Vegetarian (with fish), vegetables, all mehadrin (not Heter Mechira). All food very reasonably priced. If you are on a special diet or have medical needs then there is limited refrigerator space available. Bring non-perishable food to supplement whatever you'll be buying. Coffee & tea available every morning free of charge until supplies last. Water, juice and alcholic beverages (at night) available for purchase. You don't have to lug heavy water bottles to the beach!
  • Can I bring my kids?
    Yes, but preferably not. The festival is geared for women and many women cherish the relative quiet without lots of kids around. Consider your priorities: Having much needed time for yourself to relax, have fun, be in your own flow.... vs. bonding time with your child. ;) Nursing babies are welcome (there are a bunch of ladies coming with babies). If you decide to bring your girl(s) their tickets are full price tickets like an adult
  • ​Will there be men there?
  • Are there bathrooms and showers?
    Yes. They are not elegant but they are comfortable and serve the purpose.
  • Can I sell my products? or offer healing services?
    Yes, Contact Us! If you are a ticketed festival participant, it's 100 NIS a table per day (includes the night) or 150 for the whole festival
  • Is the Beach secure?
    It is a privately owned beach. There is a locked barbed wire gate and a thick barbed wire fence surrounding the entire property and it is on a very quiet street with little traffic. The place is safe and feels safe- a true oasis.
  • Can I smoke on the beach?
    Smoking is allowed in designated areas only away from shared space. We are respectful of everyone's right to enjoy the festival as they see fit. That being said, shared space at the festival is smoke free, so please be respectful of others and especially children and use designated areas for smoking.


Be'er Miriam Beach


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