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Be'er Miriam Beach

June 13th-15th

Specialty areas at the festival:
- Food and Drink booth
- Body art and crown creation station
- Healing tent - get a massage or treatment!
- Artists alley- buy something new! (clothes and crafts for sale. If you would like to be a vendor, Contact Us)

Note: workshop times may shift a bit and a few more are still being added. The night programs are set)

​Monday June 13th:
12p-2p  Welcome! Sign in & Settle in. Note: The gate will be open only from 12-3 pm (
and will reopen at 7 pm. If you come during those hours you can call a number to have someone open it for you but you may have to wait)

2 pm "Setting intentions to Manifest Goals"

       A Creative Writing Workshop with Shifra Devorah Witt

3 pm  Rest time, treat yourself to a massage! Make a crown....
4:30  pm  Kuku: African Dance: Aviva Gottlieb
5:15 pm  Circle Jam: movement / voice / drumming workshop (our "warmup":)) with Aviva Spiegel
6:00 pm  Opening Circle important to attend to feel part of the whole. We will introduce ourselves and share our kavanna for the festival and then Jam some more! Bring drums and instruments if you play!
dinner, mincha, relax time
-----NIGHT CONCERT--------

8:00 pm Tsfat Women's choir

8:30 pm Tziona Achisheina
9:30pm Chava Rachel 
11 pm "Tribal Council" Bonfire: sister circle; sharing our stories, visions, and heartsongs

8 am Rise and Shine Yoga: Rivka Adina

9 am Parsha/Dance/Art Infusion: Nechama Shaina
10 am The Moving Mandala- Planetary Dance!

Experience the power of connection, healing, and transformation through movement, prayer, and song with Rachelle Martin, MSC, Integrative Psychotherapist, Chaplain, and facilitator of T'nuat Halev groups.
11 am Essential Oil; Essential Self: 

            Michal Oshman and Chana Frazin-

 How essential oils and IFS (Internal Family Systems/ Parts Work) can help you latch into your essential self and connect you to your own Personal Geula.
12:30 pm "Arise Miriam's Well!"-  A yearly group Water Healing Ritual: "Birthing our light bodies" with Maskit Ben Moshe and Bluma Sheindl Bank

2 pm Half Festival Ticket holder arrival: if you are coming to the festival starting Tuesday, PLEASE arrive during this time. There is a locked gate and we will open it at 2 pm and close it at 5 pm. If you cannot come between those hours please let us know. (gate opens again at 7pm)😊

2:00 Gentle Music Open Mic- Music to soothe the soul and relax (contact us to perform). Rest time and time to treat yourself to a massage! Do some Art- make a crown....

3:00 Rest time, treat yourself to a massage! Make a crown....

4:30 Torah insights into the power of the month of Sivan:           Chana Vered Coren

5:00 Divine prophesy unfolding- Stories of Rebbe Nachman: Chava Rachel

6:00 MAIN CIRCLE song/dance/drum jam and welcome to the newcomers

7:15 Healing Secrets of Miriam's Well from the sources. and Tools for self-care to relieve stress and fear. Hadassa Leibowitz

8:00 pm Rivka Adina
8:30 pm Michal Shababo and Arella Mayer

10 pm-1 am  DJ Lim Lim Dance Party

9 am  Yoga: Rivka Adina
10 am Tapping into Geula Consciousness through                         movement: Malka Sima 
11:15 am "Learning God's Love Language" - Tanya with                       Nechama Caplan
1 pm Partner Water healing
2-3:30 pm Master Healing Class with Yocheved Godsi
3:30 pm swim, healing, art, connect, play, shop at the                       artist booths, body and facepaint

5 pm Vocal Workshop and song circle with

          Michal Shababo
6 pm Closing circle- ✨WE'RE CROWNING!✨
​and the "Spontaneous Aleph Bet Collective Tefillah" (our end of the festival tradition) let our voices, joyous cries and tefilas pierce the heavens!
8 pm Shalom and see you next year, BH!

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